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Coral Springs Exterminator

Mindset for Prevention:

Pretend YOU have bed bugs. Pretend WE have bed bugs.

In recent years, bed bugs have made a resurgence in North America. They are often found in hotels, multi‐unit dwellings, and other structures that house people for short periods of time, such as camps. While bed bugs may be a nuisance, they do not transmit disease to people.

The good news is that there are simple steps that can be taken to help ensure that children do not bring bed bugs to camp or back home from camp. We are taking proactive steps in our camp facilities, please help us by following the packing advice listed below:

Please help us keep Camp Heritage (and your home) bed bug free by following the prevention steps outlined above. A bit of hassle now can prevent a lot of hassle and expense later.

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Pet Sitting Wilmington NC

I’m an experienced certified veterinary technician and pet mom who recently made a career change from the fast-paced world of a major Boston veterinary hospital to caring for pets at home in the serene setting of Cape Ann.

I created Salty Dogs of Cape Ann to provide quality, personalized pet care services to clients in Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Hamilton, and Beverly Farms.  I truly understand the love and attention that your animal family members require and I hope you will consider me when you need assistance caring for yours.

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