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This website is devoted to the practice of, and research on, Video-Mediated Interpreting (VMI), i.e. different methods of distance interpreting whereby the participants and/or the interpreter(s) are connected by video link.

VMI is used in connection with both spoken-language and sign-language interpreting and across different fields of interpreting including business, conference and public service or community interpreting (see also What is Video-Mediated Interpreting).

The practice of VMI is not new but has increased and diversified in recent years through technological innovation and evolving demand, but also as a result of cost-cutting in public services. In line with the many forces that drive this development, VMI is often perceived as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, its use as an alternative to onsite interpreting raises questions about interpreting quality and communicative dynamics as well as broader questions concerning the training and skills required of interpreters and their clients in VMI, the interpreters’ working conditions and the clients’ perception of the interpreter. On the other hand, VMI opens up new opportunities for gaining or optimising access to interpreters; meeting linguistic demand; increasing the efficiency of interpreting service provision; and maintaining the sustainability of the interpreting profession.


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