Megadought Coming To North America

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This piece started out as a confident prescription for California’s drought ills. But when I began writing, I kept coming across things that seemed confusing or contradictory. And each time I went to the experts to clarify, they’d explode all my basic assumptions.

So instead of writing that piece, here’s a list of all the (misguided) conventional wisdom I had absorbed set right — or, at least, clarified.

Californians just don’t want to be suckers. When Gov. Jerry Brown told the state to cut back water use by 25 percent, he didn’t mention agriculture, and that made people suspicious. It looked to a lot of people like farms were getting a free pass. They (reasonably) thought, I don’t want to be a dupe and scrimp and save if agriculture isn’t doing the same. 

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Calgary Coutry Band Flamin’ Fiddler And Friends Calgary Country Band For Hire

By Ruby Woodruff VANCOUVER — Named after a mythological African Cat, MNGWA [ming-wah], or “the strange one” is an eight-piece…

Nix Dicksons, the band dubbed “Flaming Lips on a $200 budget,” return from limbo.
Photo: Keith Skrastins

CALGARY — The year was 2008. Tanner Holthe was sleeping on a couch, and Rob Wikstrom walked into the condo and sat down. After a sleepy-eyed Holthe rose from his slumber, the two started chatting, bonding over their love for Wilco. Ultimately, they decided to start an alternative country band that eventually merged roots with rock and pop to joyous effect. Within four years, that band, dubbed The Nix Dicksons, cycled through untold members, released three EPs showcasing their rapidly improving songwriting dubbed The Panda (2009), The Giraffe (2010), and The Red Fox (2011), toured across Canada, and were constantly played on CBC. They were the Marquee Room house band, the “Flaming Lips on a $200 budget” who once did a show with a fully naked drummer. Yup, they are that band, and they were fun as hell.

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Cheap Flowers San Diego


The Signs of Life program at Deaf Community Services offers comprehensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, late-deafened, and hard-of-hearing adults and transitional aged youth. It is the only community-based substance abuse program in the San Diego area and one of only a handful across the nation that is designed specifically for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

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Magician In Orlando Magician In NJ

Add one part basketball, one part glitter, one part male ejaculate and you’ve got the Orlando Magic logo. It looks like sperm. Seriously.

While we are at it, is there anything “magical” about it? I understand that the logo is supposed to be related to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida but, I repeat, where is the “magic” or any obvious link to Disney World? Are we to assume that the magic is in the stars trailing the basketball? Since when do stars equal magic? If you look at Orlando’s original logo, the organization kept the stars. And when they “changed” it, where was the change? It stayed basically the same except that the word Orlando is now atop the word Magic.

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Cheap Flowers Chicago

BERWYN, Ill. (PIX11) – Comedian Tamale Sepp posted video of a two-way mirror inside the women’s bathroom at a Chicago-area bar called Cigars and Stripes, sparking an online debate after the owner vowed to keep it.

The video, taken inside the restroom before her performance, shows a door with a full-length mirror facing an open toilet stall.

“It may not appear weird to some people, but for paranoid jerks like myself I get a little confused about why that might be there,” she says, before opening the unlocked door to reveal a hallway filled with maintenance supplies.  “Here you will see the back of the door cut out, and a clear view of the toilet that women use to relieve themselves at this establishment,” she says, filming through the two-way glass into the bathroom.

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