Easy Ways To Vape Juice Recipe

THE O.V.I.S. (Optimal Vapor Inducing System) 
The O.V.I.S. is the newest and most powerful tank system on the market. The 3.7v 650mAh battery provides a hit like no other. Our Clearomizer included with the O.V.I.S. system is the best performing and easily maintained unit in the industry. The tank capacity holds up to 1.6ml of E-Liquid, and the battery enables over 1200 puffs daily.

Kit Includes: 
1 Battery 
1 Clear Atomizer Tank (Refillable) 
1 USB Charger 
1 Black Carrying Case W/Zipper 
1 Flavored E-Liquid!!

YouTube video: best vape juice recipes

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