Skin Lightening Melasma

Are you feeling self conscious due to skin pigmentation? Is your face feeling dry and uneven? Does it worry you that so many skincare products contain harsh chemicals? Do you seek a solution that is kind and filled with natural ingredients? If so, your skin simply needs a helping hand from Human+Kind, the Irish ‘skincare with a conscience’ brand.

Human+Kind’s revolutionary new product, the Skin Lightening Cream (AED 120) will assist to lighten, brighten and even out the tone of your skin whilst working on areas of hyper-pigmentation. What’s more, it has an instant effect!

As with the entire Human+Kind range, the Skin Lightening Cream contains no parabens and no chemicals. It is multi-functional and effective, formulated with high quality and a high percentage of active ingredients to provide you with more than just a beauty fix.

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