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HUNTER SECURITY, INC. has been providing quality security services to the Gulf Coast since 1978. We are proud of the confidence that our clients have placed in our ability to perform their electronic, investigative and security related tasks. We have gained the trust of organizations such as the STATE OF ALABAMA, PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL, SPRINGHILL COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA, SAADS HEALTHCARE SERVICES, McDONALDS RESTAURANTS, U.S. SPORTS ACADEMY, GODFATHERS RESTAURANTS, WESTMINSTER VILLAGE, THOMAS HOSPITAL, FAULKNER STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, BISHOP STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE and BALDWIN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, just to name a few.

Additionally, HUNTER has gained the confidence of over 4000 homeowners throughout the Gulf Coast.

In order to provide the type of services demanded by HUNTER SECURITY, INC., and expected by our clients, experienced professional employees are required. Employees are the key to any successful organization and we believe our staff, with over 100 years of FBI, Security and Management experience, is the best available.

Our office is staffed “around the clock” with thoroughly trained, capable men and women who are committed and their first concern is to serve you well. When questions arise, please do not hesitate to call.

We are an integral part of your community.

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