What To Look For In Reliable Firework Stands

We invite the smartest digital marketers and communicators we can find. They’re mid-level to senior people working at companies, non-profits, agencies and institutions.

An Unorthodox Learning Experience

We work to find speakers who aren’t necessarily the usual suspects, and who don’t regularly present in the Pacific Northwest. We combine that with collaborative sessions, where attendees present case studies and seek feedback on ongoing projects.

A Burgeoning Trust Network

We’re all in this working world together. Our professional life is both buoyed and eased by a trusted network of peers who can offer advice, support and opportunity. Fireworks Factory offers the chance to build these connections with fellow professionals.

A Break from the City

We’ve found that getting away from normal routines enables us to focus on the conference and our fellow attendees. The conference gives attendees a chance to recharge in nature. For 2014, we’re going to be at Poet’s Cove on Pender Island.

Who comes to Fireworks Factory?

groupphoto_by_lisa_midFireworks Factory is Camp David for Canada’s most innovative digital marketers. We are:

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