Why Drink Homemade BulletProof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee or Butter Coffee, as it has become known to many Tim Noakes & the Banting diet followers, is mainly about adding butter to your coffee for more energy, reducing your food cravings (and therefore weight) and improving your metabolism.

For those who are skeptical about putting a greasy, fat dollop of butter in their much loved coffee, the fear of saturated fat has largely been vindicated.

In fact new findings as those published in theĀ Annals of Internal Medicine have found that saturated fat poses no risk to heart disease, as opposed to trans-fat (found in margarine, snacks, fast foods, etc) which raises your LDL cholesterol (bad) and lowers your HDL cholesterol which is the good one.

Bulletproof Coffee Furthermore, Tim Noakes contends that saturated fats (found in butter, lard, animal fat etc) are not only good for you, but can help you lose weight as fat consumption suppresses your cravings & hunger and provides you with plenty of energy.

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